CHOPARD - Imperiale Writing Instruments

CHOPARD - Imperiale Writing Instruments

Love and its finest expression...

As a messenger of love, Chopard gives writing instruments their true pedigree. For is it not true that the beauty of a love letter begins with the pen that traces the longingly awaited words?

CHOPARD - Imperiale Writing InstrumentsThere are those who collect them, admire them and caress their smooth lines before storing them safely away or placing them in a clearly visible position on their desk. And others who regard them as a daily accessory because they consider this writing instrument as an essential means of influencing language itself. Letters will naturally strike the perfect note when written with this fountain pen or this rollerpoint pen. As if their sheer refinement contributed to raising loving words to a higher plane. They are presented in the livery of the Imperiale collection, giving pride of place to purple, an opulent shade symbolising nobility and peace.

Purple fountain pen, engraved with the distinctive arabesque motif of the Imperiale collection, with palladium-finish details. Engraved purple cap, topped with a cabochon in the same colour.

Engraved pink rollerpoint pen with rose gold-coloured details. Engraved pink cap with purple cabochon.

Purple fountain pen, Ref 95013-0312
Pink rollerpoint pen, Ref 95013-0317